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End-line Evaluation survey of a USAID funded national Integrated Health communication Campaign in Uganda. Titled “OBULAMU CAMPAIGN”

 July – December 2017

The ‘OBULUMU’ campaign was started in 2014 under the USAID funded five-year Communication for Heathy Communities (CHC) project in Uganda; the predecessor for the current JHU Social Behavioral Change Activity (SBCA) project. In its fourth year, the project undertook an end-line quantitative and longitudinal qualitative study evaluation of the campaign. The study used both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

Methodology used

Wilsken was contracted to undertake the quantitative arm using CAPI data collection methodology. The quantitative methods included

  • Conducting household interviews with 2400 households in sixteen districts across Uganda
  • Conducting 4800 individuals (Males 7 females 15 -49yr)
  • Conducting 2400 caregiver interviews

Wilsken was responsible for

  • Review of the data collection tools including the local language translation
  • Finalization of the study’s sample (Developing village maps) (see attached work sample mapping report in annex 4)
  • Recruitment of data collectors
  • Training of data collectors (In collaboration with CHC staff)
  • CAPI scripting in SurveyCTO (see attached work sample in annex 4)
  • Implementing all aspects and protocols of field data collection, management and supervision
  • Data management and cleaning
  • Writing a field report
  • Facilitating data validation workshop

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