A Brief on Wilsken Agencies Ltd.

Wilsken is a registered limited liability company comprised of professionals with a strong background in research including designing and implementing large scale Market and social research studies. Our involvement on both the local and international scene in designing, managing and implementing large scale quantitative and qualitative research projects gives us an edge as regards the technical capacity and resource requirements to manage and implement the required tasks. Our team has the experience, technical expertise and resources to successfully undertake all tasks related to this baseline having handled and managed such similar and relevant studies before

Core services:  Social research; Market research; Programme Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation; impact evaluations, randomized control trial experiments, Development communication; Management facilitation; and Information and data management.

Specialty Fields:  Governance, Democracy and Human Rights measurement; conflict resolution; Health; HIV/AIDS; Education; Agriculture; Environment; Media, Telecommunication and Microfinance


•    We are committed to promoting high standards of discipline, excellence and ethics through adherence to high quality standards and values as well as the laws of the country and the profession
•    We believe in sound professional and support staff, providing training and opportunities for growth in a stimulating and enabling environment
•    We are dedicated to maintaining a strong internal administration, thereby enabling provision of quality service and ensuring client satisfaction
•    And quality and timely delivery of outputs is top priority. We believe this brings about customer satisfaction, good client relationships and referrals.

Our competitive edge/value-addition is the following:

Relevant Experience

Our strength lies in our experience, capacity and ability to implement studies and projects across different sectors. As an organization, we have implemented over 50 studies in the last four years. Our core team of consultants and associate consultants has an aggregated research design, development and implementation experience spanning over 15 years. We have worked for and partnered with both local and multi-national organizations. We have hands on local knowledge and international experience and as can be seen in our references, we have conducted a number of research studies across a wide range of fields.

We also have easy access to relevant documents and as well a network of institutions and individual academics and consultants we regular work with or partner on projects.

We pride ourselves in the analytic and research skills we possess as well as the state of art methods and tools at our disposal.

Specific skills possessed by Staff Associated with Wilsken Agencies Ltd include:

  • Design and implementation of impact evaluation studies including Randomized Control Trails (RCTs)
  • Development of monitoring performance systems;
  • Development of program objectives and indicators;
  • Participatory monitoring and evaluation;
  • Conducting program-level and cross-cutting evaluations,
  • Conducting impact and process evaluation;
  • Capacity assessment and training;
  • Designing conceptual and results frameworks;
  • Gender analysis and training;
  • Outcome evaluation;
  • Behavioral longitudinal studies;
  • Formative and normative studies;
  • Designing and implementation of large scale quantitative & qualitative research studies;
  • writing technical reports to facilitate product and program development; and
  • Strategic planning, Scenario Planning and Stakeholder analysis.

Training: Although the Company is well known for its data collection services, the trend over the last few years has been to move away from only gathering and analyzing data.  The Company is now involving people and organizations in analyzing their own situation and developing their own capacities.  As a result, the Company has refined its techniques, streamlined its training capacity and has become more involved in providing long-term assistance to projects and programmes.  Wilsken's professional staff is equally comfortable assisting organizations in the creation and management of databases.

Planning: The Company plays a significant role in assisting organizations in strategic planning and reviews through the use of participatory approaches. These include Objectives Oriented Project Planning (commonly called by its German acronym ZOPP), Strengths Weakness Opportunities and Threats (SWOT), and Card Sorting Exercises. The Company has also been involved in assisting organizations in institutional development, planning and monitoring.  The Company is now developing a Support Unit for this purpose, to include also budgeting, accounting, bookkeeping, project preparation, market research and conflict resolution

IT capacity

Wilsken has the capacity to manage and enter huge numbers of data requirements at high speed and with utmost accuracy. We have a high-speed data entry scanning system with a capacity of scanning up to 180 pages per minute.

In addition, the Company has invested a large proportion of its returns over the last couple of years in technology (both hardware and software) to enhance our research and data collection activities including electronic data collection.

At present the Company owns about thirty 30 up to date state of art desk top computers, dedicated as a backup data-entry station for pen and paper surveys. Most computers are equipped with the latest version of programs, which are considered essential in our line of work.  In particular, the Company uses the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS 20.0) for statistical analysis and SPSS Data Entry Builder and Station package Version 4.0 for self-checking data capture.

We have

  • 50 Garmin hand held GPS units
  • Digital Shape-files of the entire country at parish level.
  • 85 iPAQ 211 PDAS used in electronic data collection
  • 180 IDEOS Google android phone handsets that we also use for electronic data collection
  • Access to the paper maps of the entire country-with the latest divisions of all Districts of Uganda.
  • 5 workstations fully loaded with arc map 10.0

Human resource capacity

Wilsken also has a wealth of experienced staff and associates who have been involved in related work elsewhere with local and international organizations.
All our field supervisors are in house staff and posses skills ranging from quality control, project supervision, map reading, GIS concept/technology and GPS use. We also have a database of close to 500 Research Assistants who speak languages from all areas of the country. Further, we have over 50 experienced data entry operators working with the Company as needed and in addition, sister companies/institutions and free-lance consultants in specialized disciplines who can be brought in for specific jobs.  
Core staff resources
•    Management staff    : 4
•    Technical staff    : 6
•    Support staff    : 3